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 GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 110507 signed

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PostSubject: GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 110507 signed   Sun May 15, 2011 6:15 am

The Gameboy Advance emulator for PSP based on gPSP and gPSP kai source code has been updated by the anonymous Japanese coder.
PSP Slim Hacks User & Team Member flofrucht signed it for us, but the real Coder is a anonymous Japanese coder as we said above.

(1)Copy the extracted PSP folder to your PSP root and overwrite existing files.
(2)Put the gba_bios.bin file in the same folder as the eboot of gpSP-J 110507.
(3)Put your roms in the /roms folder that is in the same folder as the eboot of gpSP-J 110507.
(4)Launch via gpSP-J 110507 and have fun playing your roms.

Note: You Have To Download BIOS files, use google Very Happy

[Click Here to Download]


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GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 110507 signed
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